Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prepare your Anthro Inspired Guest Room for holiday travelers!

The new Anthro catalog inspired me to think about what it takes to create a Anthro Inspired guestroom, and with the holidays approaching quickly, chances some of your out-of-town guests may be staying over. Preparing your guestroom to reflect your "Anthro Lifestyle" can be easy. Extra touches can allow your guests to have a restful stay.

What you need:
  • 2-4 Pillows
  • 2 accent pillows
  • duvet
  • feather bed
  • bed skirt
  • linen sheet set (or other high quality)
  • accent blanket/quilt

Start with a completely striped bed...
(may be a great time to use a little lavender linen spray)

1) Bed skirt- Linen is a great choice

2) Place feather bed on top of mattress

3) Use crisp freshly laundered sheets (choose a high thread count)

4) Choose a duvet with guests in mind some may have allergies to Down

5) Make sure your pillow cases/shams properly fit snugly in the pillow

Stack two sets of pillows side by side, then slant decorative pillows:

Or some like all the pillows to slant...

6) There are several different ways to add extra warmth to your guests' bed....

Add a coverlet, a quilt, a throw blanket (either folded
neatly at the foot of the bed, or draped)
I spend a few days at a vacation home on the coast that had electric blanket on each bed which
was also amazing!!!! 

7) Add Decorative Pillows:

Lastly there are many details that can be added to make guests feel more welcome:
-Add a touch of holiday decor to put your guests in a festive mood

-An IPOD docking station, like this cute one from Urban Outfitters

-Tray with essentials that may of been forgotten such as toothbrush, soap, lint roller,
 bottled water, power bar or some speciality holiday sweets

Now you are all ready for your visitors and you will rest assured they have the most comfortable and lovely stay ever!

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