Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage Anthropologie Summer Weddings

Anthropologie Inspired...

It is that time of year that getting married
in the warmth of a summer day
makes sense...

If "Vintage" or "Anthropologie Inspired" is 
what your looking
for...I have put together a 
compilation of
amazing ideas to make the decor at 
your wedding 
the talk of the town!

Wildflowers in vintage containers

vintage pieces of furniture & accessories


Vintage and unique seating


Handmade with Love...

 This garland can be purchased 
on Etsy

I love this night-time mix
of paper goods and vintage

 Many more ideas and inspirations can be found
on these links below

For great deals on decor and much more

For stripe paper straw and other fine paper decor

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

modern vintage bathrooms

A room that often times 
gets neglected
when we think of redecorating,
but one of the main rooms you worry 
about being presentable
when guests are stopping by..
Here is some great inspiration
to "anthro up"
your bath


lighting in the bathroom
can actually make the room...

more interesting...


industrial, vintage, farmhouse..

with great baskets to accessorize with...

Don't be afraid to add some 
eclectic vintage items
that you wouldn't usually see in a 


A freestanding tub always
adds a romance edge... 

("an ornate mirror injects personality into a 
super modern interior" Domino Book
of Decorating)


if you need more color in the 
bathroom, here are 
some creative ways to get it
while still keeping with
this style 


vintage and replicas
alike can be found at flea markets
and online stores

Some of my favorite website to find accessories:

bath hook:

vintage furniture and accessories:

specific bath items:

*I think I have some serious work to do in my bathroom...