Saturday, December 29, 2012

Creating A Lovely Office Space...

How to Create an office

space you'll want 

to spend all your time in!

                After the Holiday clean up was done, 
I looked around and saw a room
that needed desperate help,
our make-shift office. 
You know that area,
your computer and bills live there.
 The area that gets a lot of face time;
doing paperwork, chatting with friends online,
helping with homework...
and it inevitably ends up looking
like a tornado hit it!

One can have organization and function without
skipping out on style...

There are two types of office styles I am
currently thinking of trying to create:
(they will be no surprise to my 
regular readers)

1)Vintage with a touch of Industrial
 cues from old, disused warehouses
by using a balanced mix of concrete and untreated wood,
 tarnished metal and supple fabrics.


2) Scandinavian Style
Light, refreshing colors, clean-lined furnishings and a 
notable absence of clutter characterize the Scandinavian look. 
Finding ways to maximize light all year round. 
 *If you live in the Pacific Northwest 
you can relate to this need too!

Just like any other room you have re-decorated,
you need just
collect a few key accessories or unique storage
  they can act as
 the inspiration for your whole room!

Ikea storage boxes 2 pk for $3.99,
and they come in a few different colors

recycled old crates 

desk lamp from Restoration Hardware

tin cans cleaned & painted

a  vintage fan

vintage school clock

Vintage letter found on Etsy

Metal baskets so industrial...
can be found at many stores, at a variety
of prices, New or Vintage!

Amazing pendent light
(be sure to peek at my post about lighting)

Double metal hanging basket

Ikea has these amazing wall rails with
many different types of container to hang from
them! look in the kitchen section of their website.
Lovin the chalk board wall too!

Lovely rolling cart! (also from Ikea)

I adore these signs...
found on Etsy or Ebay..

So, say one cannot choose, and I decide to 
do a little blending 
of the two styles?
It could turn out quite lovely!

This one is my fave, Industrial Vintage,
with a little
pop of colors!