Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitchen Faves....

I have been a collector of retro kitchen item for about 10 years now.... I especially love the ones I use, like my large red handled rolling pin!...The Anthro Dining style incorporates classic faves with new clean lines...

There was so many current items on Anthro's website to complete your inspired kitchen!

These types of glasses are exquisite to drink from, however if
you have children, you may tense up when they reach for one of these
beauties, check out Target for replica in plastic!

Lovely Seating...

Now Lets Add Some Lighting....

Some fine details:

Some of my fave put together dining:

Make sure to always also check Etsy for some very artistic takes on this style!

Be sure to tell me your fave kitchen item
that is Anthro Inspired!!!!

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