Monday, January 2, 2012

Anthropologie inspired kids rooms

Kids rooms inspired by Anthro!
It can be done!!

Recently my daughter complained she had outgrown
her kid room and wanted something more updated,
which inspired me to do a little research and
find "kid friendly, Anthro mom approved"

Imagine and create
some whimsy and fun!
Some parents are crazy
about matching and order
in their child's room..
what fun is that?

The key is using some of
what you already have in
the garage, or scanning
thrift stores
with a vision!
Then adding a few new items:
bedding and wall art
and a fresh coat of paint.
Crafting some accent colors
with pom pom balls
or oriental lanterns or lighted stars!
and what you get is

Made out of tiny umbrellas!!!

some teens like a little less color

Here is what I ended up with
on my daughters room:

It isn't completely done
we ordered some decals
on Etsy and need to apply
in the places she wants them
but you get the idea..
FYI: the bed was my childhood bed
with a fresh coat of flat black
paint!! turned out great!

This is the Etsy Shop I used,the owner
is amazing and willing to do custom

In my search here were some items that
were my faves:

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