Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vintage Chic Living Room

My Vintage Chic Living Room


 Not often do I post the decorating I am working on,
but I had to share this one..
My living room was in despair and in need of a makeover!!
My house is from the 1930's; very old, in 
different stages of repair and 
was actually
vacant for many years before we moved in..
 We have been slowly re-doing everything
a little at a time. Money and hours
The living room had plank wood floors, that had 
been painted over several times. Not really 
the type of floors you can rehab..
I found great inspiration on Pintrest
for updated painted floors!

Here is what the room looked like to 
start with, all cleared out...

I had a very dusty lens for the photo below,but you get the idea
The floor was always tough to clean and 
I had area rugs covering most of floor space..

I wanted to find shades of paint
that were very neutral and
would match any
 redecorating in the future..
I picked "cottage white" for the floors
and "linen" for the walls and squares..

We used an oil based gloss paint
for the floors
which smelled awful,
we had to section off this 
part of the house
for days!!! But it gave
                    the shine I was looking for..

Getting the room taped is a job left
for when it is cool
in the late evening
after you went to
 the lake all afternoon.

 The difficulty in making
straight lines when
you have a crooked
house! grrr! Thank goodness
my guy is a remodeling genius

 We went with floating squares
as oppose to the traditional
checkered pattern..

Looking the opposite direction..

close-up of the colors..

I had so much fun putting
the room back together!!!
The benches are handmade out of 
salvaged old wood
by my dad, and painted 
flat black..

The room is an odd size
its long and narrow,
the narrow benches
take up way less room
than any kind of coffee
table would...

A salvaged buffet, painted with
new pulls makes a great
storage for overflow
DVDs and books

A great vintage wooden 
printing type tray
used as wall art

Looking the opposite way
fave chair and new pillow
from IKEA, and wire
to hang art

The art wall is a small collection now,
but I am
hoping to expand..


Some of my fave 

flea market/yard sale 


Red wing crock, it was
a amazing price because of the 
crack, but it makes a
great place to keep
blankets handy to cuddle
up with...

Wire basket with linen liner
great for storing extra cords, magazines, books

Shoeshine box/bench, I bought 
this at a yard sale for $5
it got a bit of paint and
some distressing..

New frame with old photo of my Dad and Grandfather 
on the tractor.
a vintage candlestick, and a 
vintage cracker jack box

A vintage candle holder, with a collection
 glass and metal door knobs 
at its base..

A new Buddha sitting on top of
very old books!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the new
and improved floor. I also
am loving the clean lines of the room!
Knowing myself I will constantly 
be adding and subtracting
from the style, but for now
I can sit back and enjoy..

I hope this post has
given you some inspiration and ideas!

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