Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Create A Scandinavian Style Nursery

Lately I have been drawn to the clean lines
of Scandinavian decor...
(referring specifically to Denmark,
Norway and Sweden). 
One room in particular that has gained popularity
is your Baby's Nursery.
Why would anyone go traditional 
When you can go

With IKEA's popping up
there are so many ways
to get the Scandinavian look
without breaking the bank...

 There are two different styles when 
you are going Nordic with your design..

1) Neutral tones:
Light wood and white, hints
of gray, lights, and lots of


2) Colorful and Bold:
*Lots of color and patterns!
pick a few colors that make you
happy and chances are they will
make baby happy too!!

3) Once you have picked your color choice
finding a Scandinavian Crib is next 
on the list...

The IKEA cribs fit every budget:

The Sniglar is only $69.99

The Hensivk is $99

The Sebra Kili, comes with the mattress and
the large
price tag of around $1200
*a variety of colors too

There are a variety of other Scandinavian children's 
furniture stores out there
you just have to search..
Here are two of my faves:

4) Finding pattern and texture...
It is very easy to find pattern at
fabric stores local and abroad online
Patterns can be used as bedding
 wallpaper, or you can even frame
a piece of fabric

5) Use Scandinavian toys,prints,items
to decorate with

6) Add some unique lighting

7) Vintage/Modern Style Rocking Chair

8) Last but not least don't forget
 your imagination!!!

Good Luck with your Scandinavian Nursery!

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