Sunday, February 26, 2012

Use vintage inspired lighting to create Anthropologie Style....

If you look at any Anthropologie catalog
one common theme in any of the
house and home pages you will see
is vintage inspired lighting.

Lighting creates a mood in
any room of our home
and using vintage,
salvaged and unconventional materials
in your lighting
creates the Anthro look!!! 

Pendent lights are sooo
whimsical and very popular
right now..

The pendent lamp turns
this bathroom into
a very romantic place

One of the well know pendent lamps from
anthro is the one with basket
as the shade...

Luckily there is DIY instructions
for you to create your very own

Step 1: Cut off basket handles and bottom middle wire (to center pendant).
Step 2: Spray paint basket and outlet cover.
Step 3: Adhere an ordinary outlet cover to bottom inside of basket. I used Liquid Nails, but any strong glue would work. Since the outlet cover is on the inside of the basket the glue will not be used for strength just keeping the cover and basket in place.
Step 4: Turn basket over for glue to dry.
Step 5: Add weight on top of outlet cover while glue dries.
Step 6: Spray paint it all.
Step 7: Connect it to your pendant light

Seems simple enough...I have the perfect
basket picked out, but I have yet to try it..

Just the Edison bulb pendent lights themselves
look amazing..

The one above can be purchased for under $100

Another popular handmade light that
seems to be popping up
a lot is the mason jar
pendant light...

This one can be purchased
on Etsy

Recently spotted in an Anthropologie store display

Another display

There are of course DIY instructions to make
the mason jar lights
out there for you crafty girls

Anthro has many lighting ideas out there
here are some of my other faves using
the industrial type lights

And of course there are some softer ideas...

Love the hanging lanterns in the one below

Remember when your doing your room re-dos
do not forgot the lighting
it can add so much
Anthro to your decor

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