Friday, April 13, 2012

Vintage Industrial Living Rooms

Vintage Industrial Inspired living rooms: 

While most of us do not live in a large loft or an old building
converted into an apartment, much like
some of the catalog pages in Anthro or Urban Outfitters.
The style of vintage industrial is gaining popularity and
there are ways to incorporate the style into
your own living room..

There are many websites and catalog to order Vintage Industrial items  (I will list my faves later)
but if you are willing to do the work you can also find items
at garage sales and thrift shops

Look for:

1)  furniture with vintage looking metal and wood both in one piece
2) Metal/Wire or rustic wood baskets

3) Pendent Lights with Edison Bulbs

4) Metal signs or letters

Add some of your own touches like burlap throw pillows
and vintage books and voila...

Now on to the easy way...
There are some very cool websites that can
be spendy but wow! they have amazing

For specific items be sure to do some searching on
Ebay and Etsy

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