Saturday, May 12, 2012

Host an Anthropologie Inspired Garden Party...

The warmth of the sun finally appearing in the Pacific Northwest
has inspired me to think about gardening and being in the
What better way to be creative and outdoors 
than to host an
garden party!!!!

Your garden doesn't have to be a perfect
thing of beauty to host a
outdoor garden party...
Its all in the decorations
and details...

Some of the same principals apply
that you have read in
most of my anthro inspired
vintage and distressed wood

and here are some new additions:

1: Vintage Tablecloths

in soft florals

or solids with a flair or a little something extra..

2: vintage or mixed matched wooden chairs...
found at yard sales and thrift shops

I love this retro sofa pulled into the mix

or this bench with some throw pillows
that match the colors



3: mismatched and unique floral tableware

I am sure some of you
recognize these fun teacups



4. floral center pieces
  using vintage items
as vases

Love these single flowers
in hanging mason jars

Vintage birdcase with floral

                           Anthro mugs
used as vases

and more mason jars
with a little different

and a little hint
on how to keep flowers
in place in the jars...

some use tape,
but you can use wire too..

5: Draw the eye up and around with
lantern, lights, hanging decor

*also if you party goes into the evening
it adds extra lighting

buntings are also amazing

the pom poms
give the illusion of flowers


are timeless garden
party staples

Your party may run into the
late summer evening
be prepared with amazing

this is a very cool pic..
had to throw it in the mix

And if you decide to start later
in the evening
here is an spectacular
activies to offer your guests
after dinner...

A backyard theater

Here is a great link
that teaches you
how to set up
your own backyard theater

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