Monday, February 25, 2013

Boys Room Makeover! Hanging Beds!

I have admired hanging beds
for quite some time now
and finally found a way to incorporate
them into our home...
My twin boys share a very small
room and it made sense to 
try the hanging bed idea
to save on space...

This room was my inspiration..

The directions can be found on
Anna White's website:

I'm not sure if it just because we live in a very
old house (the walls can be uneven
at times) but this project 
was not "easy" by
any means...But I loved
the results..Thanks to my
amazing guy!

The bedding is from Ikea...

The toy organizer is also from Ikea..
(We have had it a while and has held up great)

    Cool British scenes artwork,
 3pc set $12.99
 found at Ross

We decided on the height with
the top bed
so that the dresser
could fit snug underneath it.

The built in desk is attached with simple
shelf brackets. The ladder turned
out great too!

Another view of the desks..

Another view of the top hanging bed

Some close-ups of how the beds are
put together..
we added extra support in most places..

 and more support...

The rope is tied to eye bolts..

I still need to add a few items
to complete the room..

Really want a couple of these
pillows for the beds...

The boys are using bar type
stools right now, not very

 Hanging beds can be done with
inspiration and someone
very handy with woodworking!


  1. Awesome job! I really like the way this turned out.

    1. Thanks Amy!!!..It is nice having a handy guy, who can help me make my ideas into reality!!!