Sunday, March 31, 2013

Simple Vintage Farm House Kitchen...easier than you think

My Kitchen has needed a update for quite
some time but I have a small old house
and not a huge bank account..
I am currently in the middle of a DIY
 creating a farmhouse
style kitchen..
Before I started I searched out
inspirations as usual..
What follows is step by step
what you need to re-do your
kitchen in a simple farmhouse style..

I started with a fresh coat of white paint
on my wooden cabinets,
then added some great new
drawer pulls..

You could go more intricate
so many more available
on Ebay & of course
is known for their amazing repo vintage

I chose to leave some of
the cabinets opento display vintage jars, 
wire vintage baskets
 white collections

a) vintage wire baskets

b) vintage glass containers

I have this great set from Crate and Barrel

3: add your fave wooden
& vintage accessories

3: Add a Chalkboard

with the very cool chalkboard paint
you can paint a door, wall, or
use a vintage picture frame

4: Fabrics..vintage tea towel/linen/burlap

The texture in these rugged fabrics
is a nice contrast against the crisp white

5: Farmhouse Sink

Ikea Sink

The Simple Farmhouse kitchen, is just that,
simple with clean lines. It can be
re-created fairly easily. (with the exception
of the installation of the sink) I'll end
with some of my favorite
kitchens that gave me
great inspiration! Enjoy!

*I will be sure to post pics when my kitchen
is completed..

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