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DIY Anthropologie Home Decor Part II...

Back by popular demand
 a few more of my
very faves 

DIY Anthropologie 
Decor projects, 
Part II

There are many talented crafty
girls out there whom not only
have tried out these projects
but have amazing directions..

I have searched far and wide
for the next set of top
10 in my book...

1) Flour Sack Towel


- Flour Sack Towels (you can find at Walmart)

- Fabric Paint

- Stamp

- Aluminum Foil

Pre-wash the towels before beginning to stamp.
Take a piece of aluminum foil and place it under your towel to protect the 
surface you are working on from paint.
apply a thin coat of paint onto a paper plate and dip the stamp 
in the paint making sure to blot off any excess onto a paper towel.
Find your starting point and gently press the stamp onto the towel.
 Continue stamping your towel making sure to rotate the stamp 
as you go to create a pattern. 
Also consider alternating the row patterns as you progress over the towel.
for more photos visit Jacque at

2) Iron Circle Mirror

  • 15 mirrors, $15
  • Rustoleum Gold spray paint, $5
  • Hex nuts & Screws (15 1-1/4" screws, 45 hex nuts), estimated $5
  • 12 paint can lids, on hand (or buy for .39 each)
  • Drill, on hand
  • Clamp, on hand
  • Hammer & nail, on hand
  • Yard stick, on hand
  • Permanent marker, on hand
  • E-6000 or other glass glue, on hand or $5 and up For step by step directions visit
Dollar store crafts

3) Book-Page Decor

Decor made from book pages pops up
throughout Anthro both for sale
and as store decor..
Grab a old dictionary from a thrift store
and a jumbo bottle of Mod Podge
and you can make it happen in your home too!
Emily from On The V Side
recreated the look with pears..
She took a thrift store bought old book
 and cut strips of varying lengths and widths,
to accommodate the curves of the pears.
Then  just used Modge Podge to 'paint' 
the paper onto the pears.
Let 'em dry.

Mari Makes has amazing & easy directions 
to re-create
the "well-defined lamp shade" 
from Anthro as pictured
 total cost of supplies $15

4) Blooming Flower Vase

These lovely spring time
vases are currently on Anthro
online, I found two versions
of DIY, one very simple and
another a little more complex

but both had
the similar material list:

Self Drying Modeling Clay
Paint & Brushes
Hot Glue & Glue Gun
The shaping of the flower can vary, 
use your imagination:

or a more textured look:

 5) Peekaboo Lampshade

Supplies list:
-plain lampshade
-clip art frame/chair
-black fabric
-iron-on fusible backing
-mod podge
-hot glue gun/glue sticks
-black 1/2" bias tape
-tacky glue

Step by step directions
can be found by the very

6) Settled Confetti tumblers

Supplies list:
-glass tumblers 
(ck thrift stores and dollar store)
-fine paint brush for dots
-Paint made for use on glass
DecoArt paint 

Zandi at Radical Possibility
did an amazing job on
her tumblers, ck it out:

7)Crossed Spoon Plate Holder

I love this easy DIY item
for a plate holder or
small cookbook stand
Great kitchen accessory!
Visit Rachel over at:
She has a lot of amazing
DIY project, besides
this one..

8) Chalkboard spice jars 

*white spray paint
*Clean glass jars
*chalkboard labels

Check out
she gives very simple directions.
Over thinking this project can be a down
fall I do believe. Her jars turned
out adorable and had all the likeness
of the Anthro ones.

9) Hanging Vases

These adorable vases
can be used indoors
or outdoors for a 
garden party.
It is one of the most simple

* empty jars or small vases
* fine wire

Visit Chelsea
for complete directions
and pics! 

Feel free to use
your individuality
on this one..instead of
wire you can also use fine jute rope.

10)Antiqued Mirror Collage

This very cool mirror
collage comes with a
very step price tag from Anthro
you can indeed create the look
There are two different
methods in obtaining
the antiqued look 
on a mirror..

Mandi from Vintage Revivals
has amazing directions
with photos with her very
cute spin on it..

Neoprene Gloves
Jasco Brand Paint and Epoxy Remover
Muratic Acid
Old Shirt or Carpet (So that your mirror doesn't get scratched)
Possibly a scraper.

Check out her directions at the link below:

The next method comes
from Home Heart Craft
With a little less chemical

Thrift store picture frames with glass. The glass is key! 
If you can find some that are chipped or cracked even better, 
that will add to the vintage feel. You will also need a spray bottle with 
one part vinegar to 3 parts water. 
And lastly you will need

Directions: Take the glass out of the frame and clean.
Start with a light spritz of the water vinegar solution on the glass.
Then take the spray paint and lightly cover the glass with short bursts
about 6" away.
Let dry and repeat the spritz with the vinegar solution and then the spray paint.
Do this about three to four times. It doesn't have to be perfect as
 you are trying to go for an antique chippy feeling.
Make sure the glass is completely dry before slipping it back into the frame.
 Make sure the painted side is on the inside and the smooth side is out.
For additional pics

 I hope you have enjoyed Part II
of Anthropologie DIY projects...
It is possible to re-create
the look of an Anthropologie
home without the huge price tag..
I hope these DIY projects
give you the inspiration 
to give it a try!!!

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