Monday, November 28, 2011

Anthropologie inspired Chirstmas Crafts...

I have done some serious ornament shopping
and I am planning on crafting this weekend
I am all about vintage this year
and enjoy the new spins all the crafty/bloggers have
been putting on it..

So here are my two faves(for now..)

Glitter Houses:

They are quite timeless
and am excited to try my hand
(I promise to post my attempts
even if they turn out awful!)

There are so many printable plans online:

I realized in my research to create
a great glitter House one must
have tiny bottle brush trees..
These cuties are sold

Look at this lovely mini-
found on Etsy


This seller also carries
mini supplies
for your
glitter house

Be sure to check out
this blog for some
amazing glitter
houses and idea
how to decorate yours:

DIY craft #2
Felt Tree

Very simple directions
can be found

And Here:

and of course
check out etsy
for already made
felt trees

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