Monday, November 14, 2011

Throwing a Anthropolgie Inspired Wedding

I have on and off been looking through different Anthro Inspired wedding pages and blogs, for a little while now, why you ask?....I am engaged to a wonderful man who would probably indulge any kind of wedding theme I wanted, even if it were something silly...Lucky for him I am very inspired by whimsical and homemade themes, which may take a crafty girl and a lot of hard work, but are easier on the pocketbook...

There are so many inspiring blogs and websites that are more than willing to inspire the uninspired, and lets not forget that not so long ago, our very own friend Anthropologie created a wedding line for us!

For some girls, the dress is the most important
part of the process, not for this girl!
The look and feel of the wedding/reception is
a reflection of who you are
as a couple...
I would rather my one true love and I be
 thought of as fun, crafty, whimsical,
than stuffy, sophisticated and proper.

Here is a peek into my ideas of loveliness on
that very special day!

grouping together recycled jars and bottles
 to display
flowers or candles has a big effect!

These Lanterns are amazing and add so much
to the party feel...
The very best place to buy

Also found at Luna Bazaar are Parasol's
the perfect addition for yourself, or
even your wedding party, or guests!

I think the look of aged photography for weddings
is amazing! It looks timeless!

Lets talk Candy Bars for weddings
Love em...

There are so many ways to incorporate fun and laughter into a
very stressful day...I know easier said than done...

Once again if your not so crafty don't let that
prevent you from having the wedding
you want, enlist crafty girlfriends,
or quickly log onto

Be sure to check out one of my fave designers on etsy,
whom made the sign at the very top of this post
Sweet Peas and Seashells

Some of the greatest inspired weddings were found on:

be sure to search under "Homemade"

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