Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking with Anthropologie Inspiried Style for Thanksgiving!

You may be starting to think about your menu for Thanksgiving Dinner, I know I have been thumbing through my cookbooks and the most recent issue of Real Simple with great h'orderves ideas and a complete menu for Thanksgiving...my family tends to stick to the basic but have been allowed to throw a few wild cards in, since the younger generation is now allowed to do most of the cooking.

Cooking in style somehow makes things a little more fun and whimsical, I love to put on a cute apron and use my new set of mixing bowls even if my I am just making morning blueberry muffins.

Here are some of my Anthropologie Inspired Holiday kitchen fun, along with two DIY ideas for adding some whimisical fun!

Some Kitchen details to make it fun to cook:

Some lovely items from Anthro

Retro Bowls

A fun cutting board..

wonderful platter...

What could be more fun than mother daughter aprons for the kitchen:

I found this wonderful link for DIY mother/daughter aprons that are sooo whimsical and sweet
It seems fairly simple, and if sewing is not your thing, thats ok, log onto to Anthro
and the two adorables above are available for purchase:

Very simple instructions from Jamie at Prudent Baby

For the 2nd DIY Project, I adore chalkboards for the kitchen the are great for grocery lists and for holiday menu's

There are endless possiblities of colors, shapes and sizes
here is a great simple link to show you the most simple way
which will only take a few hours on a sunday...

Enjoy the Holidays!!!!

***Be sure to visit my favorite paper good crafter on Etsy who made the lovely
Thanksgiving Banner at the top of the blog

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